This Fanclub was formed in November of 1989. Why? Because POPEYE fans needed a forum... Because POPEYE memorabilia collectors needed a method to buy, sell & trade their goodies... Because we knew that there was a world full of POPEYE people patiently waiting for THIS club to form!

So, with King Features Syndicate's blessings, we published our first newsmagazine in the Fall of 1989. At the time, we really didn't have a clue if we would produce a second issue. We slowly began to grow, and by end-2008, we have produced 77 magazines with a combined total of more than 2600 pages! In fact, we are beginning our 20th year as a sanctioned club! We regularly mail our club magazine worldwide to hundreds of POPEYE fans around the globe!

The club was originally based in Tennessee. It was relocated to Chester, Illinois in August of 1994. Why? Because Chester is known as "The Home of Popeye". Why? Because his creator, Elzie Crisler Segar was born here. The Official POPEYE Fanclub is now headquartered in Chester's Opera House, (circa 1875). Segar worked at this establishment in 1906 as a projectionist during the silent picture era. His boss was Opera House Manager and WIMPY model, "Windy Bill" Schuchert.

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