In the mid-1970's, the Chester Sorority Ladies raised $10,000.00 and commissioned a sculptor to design a statue to honor Popeye. A six foot tall, 900 pound, bronze-metallic statue was unveiled in the Summer of 1977. In attendance, were Segar's widow and 2 children and long time associate, Forrest "Bud" Sagendorf. The metallic mariner has stood a silent vigil in Segar Memorial Park for almost 20 years without incident.

On April 16th, 1996, an attempt was made to destroy the monument. The perpetrators of this senseless crime attached a cable around Popeye's neck and used a vehicle to overturn him. Fortunately, ol' Popeye only suffered minor damage. To date, the felons are still at large. A substantial reward is pending upon their apprehension.

UPDATE: On August 10th, 1996, vandals returned to Segar Memorial Park to once again do damage to the Popeye monument. This time the felons pilfered Popeye's pipe after breaking it loose from the large bronze sculpture. Once again, the vandals are still at large!!

ANOTHER UPDATE: On September 21st, 1996, vandals once again returned to Segar Memorial Park to attack the Popeye statue. Prior to the 1996 Popeye Picnic, a local foundry manufactured the statue a new metallic pipe. On this latest assault, the vandals pocketed Popeye's newest pipe! A $2000.00 reward is pending upon the apprehension of these felons.

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