Structure of the Official POPEYE Fanclub

We have a large number of people responsible for the production of the Fanclub quarterly newsmagazine. The club-publication is based in Chester, Illinois. Chester is the 'Home of POPEYE', because the Creator of POPEYE (Elzie Crisler Segar) was born there. Inspirations for the three main characters, POPEYE, OLIVE and WIMPY were also from Chester. They were Frank 'POPEYE' Fiegel, Dora 'OLIVE' Paskel and William 'WIMPY' Schuchert.

King Features Syndicate granted permission for the creation of this sanction in November of 1989. The club was originally based in Tennessee, but was relocated to Chester, Illinois in 1994 - when Spinach Can Collectibles (a museum and shop dedicated to 'POPEYE') first opened.

Mike and Debbie Brooks have been in charge of publishing the news-magazine, maintaining the memberships, and the quarterly mailings since 1989. The current contributing staff is shown above. The club-publication is truly indebted to these fine people for their continued efforts and support.

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